Mostrando las entradas de enero, 2016

(no) miracles

Viajo para recolectar sensaciones. A veces puedo guardar algunas imágenes, resabios de lo que percibí, de lo que se conectó en la travesía. A veces consigo hilvanarlas y construir un recuerdo como éste.

miracles_luzaalvarado from Luza Alvarado on Vimeo.

Conversación intervenida III

– You come from a strain I have not experienced yet.

– If we find a desire that is mutual...

– I'm an animal, I need to put my nose on your neck, feel your warmth, listen to the tone of your voice...

– That sounds mutual. But don't get too excited, I have my defaults, I have used too many of my nine lives and my future is a complete gamble.

– You sound like a human being.

– You sound like you want to fall in love.

– That's why you chose me. I'm willing to be vulnerable, I won't hurt you. 
– You know, my family is pretty fucked up.

– My family makes me want to run away.

– I've been trying to escape from the war between my parents.

– I wanted them not to see me as the second version of my death sister.

– I tried to fix the situation, but it became worse. Now I feel guilty.

– Guilty of living my life. They feel I betrayed their faith. 
– Happy new year.

– Will you come back?

– I will come back.

*  *  *
Your scent was still pulsating in my skin when I arrived to …